Saved by Fishing (2019), Short Documentary

Synopsis: A short documentary about Shane and the help he got from Fishability QLD on overcoming the journey of social isolation after he quite recreational drugs.

Lark Lee: Writer / Director / Editor


Confession Poster 2 laurels1

Confession (2019), Short film


Synopsis: After compulsive murders, Mr. Grey seeks a counsellor to reduce the burden of his guilt. Would she report him to the police or keep her client’s confidentiality?


Lark Lee: Writer / Director / Editor / Actress

Staring: Joey Vieira ( Dora the lost city of Gold, Reef Break)

Paige (2019), Web-series

Synopsis: Insecure Paige has hard time finding love due to experiences with ex boyfriends.

To watch click here.

Lark Lee: Writer / Director / Editor / Actress 

Muted (2018), Short film

Synopsis: Kimberly wants to be accepted for who she is but the family doesn’t approve of it. 

Lark Lee: Writer / Director / Actress


the Meeting (2017), Short film

Synopsis: Sam’s new company boss holds a weekly meeting but the boss acts super weird.

Lark Lee: Writer / Director / Editor / Actress


A Stealth Murder (2017), Short film

Synopsis: Stealthed pregnancy made Rebecca to visit an abortion clinic but reaches out to the father to give the baby one last chance only to find out they are not wanted.

Lark Lee: Director / Editor / Actress